FashionistA by MUA |Mini Haul + Initial Impressions

I have been eyeing these FashionistA custom palettes ever since they were launched, yet always resisted getting one, because lets face it, eyeshadows and palettes are the last thing I needed more of in my make up collection.

BUT, I found the perfect reason, why I really needed a palette.  Seriously.  I needed to have all my essentials, together, to save me time from rummaging through my daily make up bag, every morning.  Okay, so we all know that that is such a lame excuse, but shhhh.  I also got a powder to complement the palette, and of course pop into my carry-with-me make up bag, and well, here is the stuff I got below!


And I was thoroughly impressed.  The palette is make of such sturdy material and is great quality, really sleek and pretty.  The eye shadows have a gorgeous texture, and upon first inspection, they are not at all powdery, really pigmented and silky soft.  I will let you know the individual shades I got in a forthcoming review, after I have used the palette and tested it out (every morning that is!).  There are 40 different shades to choose from, and these vary from mattes to baked and shimmery powders.  You get to fill a six pan palette like this one for £10, and a four pan palette for £7, so definitely a bargain.  I chose 4 eyeshadows, a blush, which works for a daily, natural look, and a medium bronzer.  Everything conveniently placed in one palette.  A totally justifiable excuse to get me one, wouldn’t you agree?😉


The powder again, is lovely.  I can’t use it as yet, as I still have a bit of colour left on my skin from summer, but I should get to being ghostly white as per usual soon, so I really can’t wait to start using it.  The compact is so slim and stylish; it really looks like a designer, high end product, but this cost all of £2 (reg. price £8 – all FashionistA products are on amazing offers!)  It really reminded me of my black and gold Motorola razr phone, which I had quite a few years back.  Stay tuned for more pics of this compact, probably on facebook or a review, whichever comes first!

Here is the palette after I filled it up.  It has a massive mirror the size of the palette, as does the compact powder.  Cool huh?


That’s it for my mini review for now!  Take care guys, and let me know if you have created your own palettes yet.  You can also share yours on my Facebook page by clicking here, and don’t forget to hit the like button! You can also check out some lipstick reviews, again of the same brand on my blog, by clicking here, here & here.  FashionistA lipsticks are really something, so check out the links!

Love Davi xoxo