Cracked Nails – I mean nail polish!



This time, 2 years ago exactly, cracked nail polish was the thing!  I invested in 4 crackle colours, these being a black, a dark purple, a white and a turquoise.  And as usual, I used the black one once, and never did again.  I never quite promoted crackled polish  in my salon either, because I didn’t really like it.  But that all changed last Saturday, when I was flipping through a magazine, and saw a matte vs shiny crackle manicure.  So today, I decided to remove my nude nails, which you can see here (and yes, they managed to stay on till after Easter Sunday!), and get a cracked mani.  I also removed my cousin’s furry nails, which you can check out here, and gave her a cracked mani!  The picture above, are the products I used.  I really recommend using China Glaze crackling polish, they always give the best cracks, and effect.  Other brands which I have tried at seminars, and other trials, don’t really give the same effect in my opinion.  This is a pretty sort of crack if you know what I mean!  So lets start off with the first one




Here I used a base Gold colour, the name kind of wore off so I can’t tell you what the name of this polish is, but it’s a China Glaze one, and basically any gold will do, or other colour for that matter.  The crackling polish is China Glaze – Crushed Candy.  The secret to beautiful cracks is simple.  One coat of normal colour polish of your choice.  Allow to completely dry.  Then sparingly apply a very thin coat of crackle polish, and do not completely cover the nail.  It is so important that you do not load your brush with paint, or else the cracks will be minimal and the underlying colour will hardly show.

Allow to dry, and use a top coat to seal your nail polish.  Here I used Essence, Top Coat in Gel-Look.  This is the result!



Now on to my manicure.  I used Rimmel shade 625 Flying Higher, which is such a gorgeous shade of dark turquoise, with the Crushed Candy crackle polish over it, to create a subtle cracked effect, as the colours are so similar.  Below you can see the Rimmel colour alone (excuse the dust around my cuticles, I got my infills done!)



And here is the final product, with the crackle coat over the base polish, below.


I am totally loving my nails! Very spring-y and colourful!  Same hues work really well with crackled polish if you aren’t too sure about the mixed tones.  It really produces a subtle, yet interesting and original manicure!

On another note, I thought I should point out that the MUA – Texturezed Nails product ‘Furry Nails‘, although beautiful, only lasts for a few days!  So, although I really, really love it, it is something I would only use over the weekend, The fur sorts of starts disappearing after a while.  But again, it is seriously worth it, as your nails will look totally amazing, so if like me ur a nail-0-holic, give it a try!  You can check out the tutorial of how to achieve the best looking furry nails over here.  I have even edited the post and left a similar note like this over there.

Hope you like my Cracked Nails Creations.  Do you use Cracked polish?  What combinations do you use?:)

Much love,

D x0xo


ELF – 50% discount Easter Offer on Nail Polishes!


Today, while I was out and about with my family, I received an ELF email, and all I saw was 50% off.  I was sooo excited to come home and shop like crazy, only to realize that the discount was on Nail Polishes only, which made me sulk a little bit. Until I decided to check out the colours with my cousin, and made the mistake of checking out the 3 piece sets of polishes!  3 polishes for 2GBP!  We got all the collections, which you can check out over here.  We also got 4 loose polishes, in Chocolate, Gum Pink, Copper and Champagne.  The whole order cost us something silly like 24Euros more or less, and we have 24 polishes if I’m not mistaken!

I love Nail Polish, and I am soooo happy with this purchase!  Although I am also having guilt trips, because, we have around 200 nail polishes, 50 soak of polishes and 60 colour gels between us.  Worse still, these colourful creations, live in a cupboard of mine, in my living room, so crammed that we forget what colours we have!  It sort of became a habit of buying a new polish every time I’m going to do my nails or my cousin’s nails.  So thats like 2 new polishes weekly.  We are seriously going to hell.

So with that, I solemnly swear that I will not be buying another polish till at least after the summer period! Just remind me what I am saying when I write a new post about a new colour! Please!

On another note, I have never owned any ELF Nail Polish as far as I know, and I am really hoping that they are well pigmented and not streaky!  I love ELF, I’m sure that all these polishes won’t let me down!  I’m hoping so anyway!!

The offer ends tomorrow afternoon, at 1.00pm GMT and the discount code is 25032013 for UK & EU residents and 25032014 for IT residents!  Happy shopping ladies!!

Much love,

D x0x0x

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Love Hearts Manicure


My Gorgeous Love Hearts Collection from Make Up Academy.  You can check out the shades of these polishes and what else I got in my previous post over here.




As you all know by now, I am a sucker for a nail polish, and these pastel shades are to die for.  What’s more they are a special limited collection, and at just 2GBP each, I just had to get them (even though, I have loads of pastel shades in my cupboard!!)  Today, I was intending to get my nails all furred up (check here), but as soon as I received this package, I changed my mind!  And of course, I couldn’t choose which one, so I used them all!  A big change from my winter choice of manicures, this time, a Spring manicure!  It’s also been ages since I”ve had any nail art on, but I decided to get some hearts on my ring finger, to add to the ‘heart’ theme!  Hope you like this manicure, I am definitely happy with my love-ly nails!😉

Much love,

Lady with no Name xx



Soak Off Nail Polish – How to – Tutorial


Soak Off Nail Polish is the ‘Thing’, at the moment when it comes to Nail Care.  Above are all the products and items you will need, but in this post I will be telling you a few tricks, which are cost effective and will leave you with even more cash in your pocket without visiting a Nail Bar.  My preferred brand is Gelish by Harmony, it is amazing and lasts a full 3 weeks.  3 Weeks of incredible shine, and no chipping, is what Gelish Promises, and delivers.  I get all of my Gelish Polishes from ebay, and at the end of the post I will leave you a link to the colour chart of Gelish.  They retail at about $15 on ebay, but you will find similar working soak off polishes from Beauties Factories for instance.  I cannot really vouch whether these will stay on for 3 weeks, but I’m sure you have a good 10 days of chip resistant nail colour!

In this rather lenghty post, I will show you step by step how to apply these polishes and what you will be needing.


These polishes can only be dried in a lamp.  You can either use a LED lamp like the one I am using above or a UV lamp.  Led lamps dry your nails in 30 seconds, as opposed to 3 minutes in a UV lamp, which is why in a salon, I opted for the LED lamp which is more expensive that a UV lamp.  However I suggest a UV lamp for home use, and you can get such a lamp off of ebay for something like 20Euros!  Really cheap!  As a plus, you can even try your nails with regular nail polish in this lamp, so it is definitely a must have if you like doing your own nails.  Something you can’t do with a LED lamp.


This is what a soak off polish looks like, exactly like a regular polish brush.  You will be needing lint free wipes which you can also get off of Ebay for something like 3Euros for 200!  It is important that you do not use regular cotton pads because these will leave traces of cotton and your soak off polish will not adhere well to your nails.  You can avoid buying these wipes by using either kitchen rolls or regular toilet paper squares.


In the nail industry, we use what we call a Nail dehydrator, which I am applying in the picture above.  You can use regular nail polish remover.  I will explain further.  Before applying your Soak off Base Coat, you need to lightly buff your nails, preferably with a nail block (the purple one in pic number 1), to remove any shine and oils from your nails.  Brush off dust.   You will be then wiping each nail with some nail polish remover on a wipe/toilet paper square, in order to make sure that all traces of natural oils are removed.  You will wait for your nails to dry to a chalky white, prior to applying your base coat.


Apply a very thin layer, and I stress, very thin layer of your base coat.


Cure/Dry in your UV lamp for 2 minutes.  Once cured, I would advise you to go over your nails with a clean brush, however if you applied your base coat really thin, you may skip this step.


Apply a first coat of colour, again very thinly.  It will be opaque and streaky, but do not worry.  It is important that it is applied really thinly or else, it will crease, and peel off.  It is important that you cap the edges of your nails as shown above in each step from now onwards.


Cure for 2 minutes.  Your nails should be looking like this, at this stage.


Apply a second coat of colour, capping the edges, and this time you can be more generous, but still, do not over do it, or the colour will crease when drying.  Cure again for 3 minutes this time.  Apply your Soak off Top Coat, do not forget the egdges, evenly, making sure to fully coat your nails.  Do not put too much topcoat on, just a normal application.


Wipe your nails with a nail wipe/toilet paper using a product such as cleanse, or else you could simply use surgical spirit, to remove the sticky residue, also known as the tacky layer on your nails.  It is normal that they are sticky, they are not still wet.  Wiping them with surgical spirit will remove this stickyness, and will not effect the colour of your nails.

So to sum it up, this is a list of things which you will need

  • Nail buffer
  • Lint free wipes/toilet paper square
  • Brush
  • Soak off Base Coat
  • Soak off Colour of your Choice
  • Soak off Top Coat
  • Nail Polish Remover/Nail Dehydrator
  • Surgical Spirit/Alcohol solution such as Cleanse
  • A gel nail brush (optional)

And of course, a UV Lamp which as I explained earlier, you can get really cheap off of Ebay.

The removal of these nails are somewhat different to normal removal, as they will not come off with normal nail polish remover, so there will be a post about that most probably tomorrow, so stay tuned.  I will also incorporate in that post, proper maintenance of a UV gel lamp, so that you will get the best performance out of you lamp. (Edit:  You can check out how to remove you Soak Off Gel Polish by clicking here).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful.  If you have any more queries regards application, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you asap.

And as promised, here is the colour chart of the brand Gelish by Harmony, over here.  On the site you can watch see different collections which were released apart from the basic colours, and find helpful hints and videos, amongst other additional infomation which you may find handy!

Much love,

Lady with no Name xx

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not an advert and I am in no way affiliated with the brand Gelish or any other products or brands mentioned in this post.  This is my personal review and also my personal way of applying soak off polish.  You might come across other tutorials which show you different methods, this is simply the method I use, and it works and has always worked perfectly for me.

Essence Nail Polishes, two great colours! And a happy day for me!


117 I’m so very – A lovely rusty colour, not as orangey as it looks in the picture, more of a dark rusty orange.  Lovely colour and goes so well with browns.  I’m wearing this at the moment, and I don’t want to take it off!



113 do you speak love? – a classic.  Oxblood red and you’ve got me hooked.  So Elegant and pretty.

I’m seriously hooked on these Essence Nail Polishes, I keep on buying new shades, weekly!

On another note, I recieved my MUA package, so I’m really looking forward to trying the ‘furry nails’.  See what I got over here.  The package only took 6 days to arrive including the weekend, so I’m really pleased about that, since I’ve heard that they tend to take long!  But thumbs up to MUA from me!  So expect a little review on the products I got, most probably tomorrow. I am also expecting a package from Vivo Cosmetics and E.l.f, so that’s also exciting!

I am working on my Soak-off Nail Polish post, with detailed pics of how to get it done, and most probably that will also be up tomorrow! I had mentioned a Gelish tutorial in an earlier post, and I finally managed to snap away the process whilst doing my mum’s nails, but more about that tomorrow.

Now I’m off to discover my IPad mini, which my husband got me today, after endless hinting from my part that I wanted one!  He seriously spoils me rotten, I am so luck to have him, and from here I would like to take a moment to thank him and tell him that I love him so much!

Hope you have a great evening ladies, and enjoy the public holiday tomorrow, to all my Maltese readers!

Much Love,

Lady with no Name xx